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Investment Management


Forrester Partners prides itself on long term relationships within the Investment Management industry for both Asset Managers and Hedge Funds with a focus in sales and investment hires. They have fostered a reputation for building teams within the industry.


Moving fund managers is a complex task which requires the trust of the client together with a tenacious and subtle approach – something Forrester Partners is known for.

Real Estate


Forrester Partners builds senior management capability across the real estate spectrum from developers to private equity and service companies.

There is a deep shortage of talent throughout the industry and competition is rife for the best talent.


Forrester Partners has an enviable record of working for some of the best firms in the sector which has enabled the hiring of some of the best talent in the market.



Satisfying our clients is the most important thing we can do. Forrester Partners is happy to discuss some of the assignments we have completed if this would be of interest. Forrester Partners takes confidentality very seriously.


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