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Forrester Client Services (FCS)

Forrester Client Services (FCS) was launched in 2016. FCS complements Forrester Partners by filling mid-level roles for clients across Forrester Partners’ core practice areas – Real Estate, Investment Management and Infrastructure.


FCS partners with clients exclusively, applying the Forrester Partners' methodology and best practice to the mid-market level. Our aim is to offer a transparent hiring process, helping our clients effectively locate and attract emerging talent.

Why FCS?

Over the last 5 years Forrester Partners has repeatedly been asked by our clients to undertake assignments that sit below the typical executive search parameters. In response to this Forrester Partners has launched FCS to help our clients secure the very best talent in the market.

The service offering:

FCS will differentiate the offering from other recruiters by exclusively working with clients on each and every assignment. In practice, this will mean that FCS will only introduce candidates to a client on an exclusive basis thereby ensuring that FCS and the client are not in competition with each other.


In exchange for FCS working exclusively for the client, FCS will require a 6 week period of exclusivity to locate, attract and introduce candidates to the client. After this period of exclusivity, FCS will be happy to relinquish exclusivity if the client is not satisfied with progress made.

Contact us:

To discuss new business and the service we provide, please contact us:

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Satisfying our clients is the most important thing we can do. Forrester Partners is happy to discuss some of the assignments we have completed if this would be of interest. Forrester Partners takes confidentality very seriously.


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